Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spinning a yarn

Yesterday I went as a guest to the local spinners' and weavers' group dyeing day. I was given a spinning wheel shortly before I came here, but have not learnt to spin yet. I'm very keen to dye my own wool, and although I stock wool dyes, I haven't actually used them. This was not a class, just each member doing their own thing and dyeing either roving, or spun wool. The photos are not great as I was sitting in a deck chair and swivelling around to take them.


Kat said...

Hi Shirley, Eunice looks as though she is asking you to have a taste though I would say it might be a bit "sour"

Maureen said...

I have successfully dyed wool with Procion MX using the instructions on the Pro=Chem site (or maybe the Dharma site). Cold dye and vinegar thing, so easy.

teri springer said...

The expressions on the faces say it all. Obviously was a great time. Guess I had better take shots of my dyed warps to post!!