Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Something old...

No new work to report, so here's one of my earlier works which was selected to be shown in the "Birds Aplenty" exhibition in 2004. The stylized birds are based on a Maori bird design, with a background of woven strips.

The second piece uses the same bird design in a reverse applique style with woven corners, and including a comemrcial marbled fabric. This was my "weaving" phase!


DubiQuilts said...


Great Quilts!

How is the leg? I am glad you have kept the crafting juices flowing.

My son 3 weeks ago blew his knee at gymnastics practice. He had the first surgery on friday and will have another in six weeks. He attends a university that is part of a medical school so he get very good care.

Valeri said...

I like the reverse applique. Nice and strong. You've changed your blog...I'm probably behind the times but I like the new picture of you!

smarcoux said...

Shirley !!! New haircut ...
this looks fantastic do tell?


emmyschoonbeek said...

Hello Shirley
Thank you for the link I made a link to your blog to,
yes i am interested in a swap with you .
Love your quilts ,
I dont no way the photos are in the word section it is not so by me.
It is the first time anyone tipt me on it ,but thanks anyway
Warm regards Emmy

arashi said...

wonderful wor Shirley. You tke suych great risks and make suh daring color choices. Really great work.