Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Changing my world

That sounds rather grandiose, but I'm always making changes. Following on from the Great Kitchen Makeover that I started (actually, I originally only intended to paint the cupboards!)and showed you in the last post, I have now also painted the walls, beams and ceilings; plus the bathroom cabinet; and the hall walls and ceiling.

Coming up next is the living room, which is quite a big task. Here are the "before" photos. It's the light green and dark green that are going. The feature wall behind the fireplace will be the same colour as the kitchen cupboards (Half Sisal).
The ceiling and the 3 large beams will all become Quarter Sisal, the lighter version which is a lovely rich cream. I am not going to paint the sloping walls and rafters as it's too much work, and there are other more pressing tasks.
I no longer have these yellow curtaines and nets - they were replaced early on with cream calico thermal drapes, which will suit the new paintwork.


loulee said...

Lots of changes happening at your place.

Deb H said...

I looks nice & fresh Shirley. It makes me want to start painting my kitchen!

Lisa said...

You are busy - hope you still have time for quilting and fabric dying.