Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Epicentre

Here is the centre of the Eartquake Quilt - the Epicentre. I wanted a simple design where the fabric could speak for itself. I wasn't in the mood to design something from scratch, so I settled on the Kaffe Fassett design below, which is appropriately called "Tilt".
Keep watching as the rest of the quilt unfolds.

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Helen said...

Hi Shirley

Wow, great colours. I want to say it 'rocks your socks off' but that would be an inappropriate cliche and not much comfort as the aftershocks keep coming. I was listening to the radio this morning, hearing reports of another large one. It must be really stressful for all of you. A colleague, who has a daughter studying in Christchurch, is almost at the point of 'ordering' her to come home. I hope the dyeing and stitching has been comforting. My thoughts are with everyone down there.