Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Quarter

Above, leaning somewhat drunkenly, (no, not me - the blocks!) is one quarter of the Hidden Wells quilt that I'm making with a batik jelly roll. You end up with 8 different fabric units. Each one is cut and sewn together to make 2 large blocks. These are then sewn together to make mirror images; then the next units are made, and then rotated and sewn to the first ones to give this result. The photo shows 2 completed units.

Each fabric unit that you make comprises strips of 4 separate colour groups and 2 accent fabrics.
The accent fabrics are in every unit, while the other fabrics vary from unit to unit. This means that while each unit has red, yellow, purple and blackish fabrics, these change from unit to unit so that the look of the quilt top changes as well. You can see this more clearly in the photos of the pattern in the previous post.


Lisa said...

That's gorgeous. Great pattern and great fabrics.

maree said...

Shirley it is looking great. Love those fabrics and can't wait to see the other 3/4's:) Ciao