Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two weeks later...

..and I have made some progress on my Earthquake Quilt but I'm not happy with how it's looking so I've put it aside while I concentrate on getting the house ready for sale. I'm in the middle of painting the living room and want it FINISHED so I can restore some order.

Yesterday I went to a local spinners and weavers trading day where I bought this lovely skein of 50% silk, 50% merino from Jessicah at Spinning A Yarn. She has lovely 100% silk yarns too.

And here is Clapotis, finally completed. It's over 2 metres long and I used less than 70 grams of this lovely silk and merino wool. Unfortunately, in my haste to complete it, I made an error (not visible in the photo) which I simply cannot be bothered ripping back and sorting - the pattern does not have straight ends, but pointed ones, and I would have to frog a huge amount of knitting. So it will just have to stay as is. It's not like it's the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

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