Tuesday, September 07, 2010

When life throws you quakes, make a quilt.

Fortunately, I am one of the households that was not structurally damaged in Saturday's quake. I am not so sure about my state of mind, however. Even those of us without damage are tense and on edge, due to the proliferation of aftershocks ( 2 during the night of magnitude 5.4, and we have been warned that a magnitude 6 could still occur) and it's very hard to get on with normal life as a result.

Because I can't settle down to do much, I decided this morning to dye some fabric and make an earthquake quilt. I selected the following colours: ice blue, purple (equal parts of fuchsia & turquoise), scarlet, golden yellow, deep black and a bit of turquoise by itself. Due to the short batching time (I have no patience, I want the fabric NOW!) and the low ambient temperature today, the turquoise was rather fugitive. The fabric was done in bags with minimal squdging (technical term). Here are the first 6 fat quarters:
And the second lot of 6 (excuse the very lightly ironed appearance, I'm not much in the mood for that either).
Then I ripped off a metre piece and put all the leftover dyes on it. As often happens, this piece came out pretty well, I thought:
Now I just have to settle on a design that I feel is appropriate. More coming!


Judy Rys said...

Glad to hear you didn't receive any physical damage. It's hard to escape tragedies like that without mental anguish. Making a quilt will help. Your fabrics are wonderful, especially the last one.

Ali Honey said...

Good thinking. Don't leave any dye where it can get shaken off or over.
So glad your house is okay.

Donald said...

Like the last one Shirley.. seems to suit the theme.



loulee said...

Not something we are accustomed to here. It's good to see something creative coming out of it.