Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kitchen Makeover

My kitchen used to look like this - green cupboards, drawers and window frames, green ceiling beam, with very dark green trim where anything met the ceiling. The back of the the bench area in the foreground was also painted dark green. Not the happiest colour scheme. However, I have the ability to be able to not really notice it. Mostly.

What I did notice, however, was how chipped and worn the cupboards were becoming. As I am seriously considering selling the house, I decided to paint the cupboard doors to freshen them up. I found some leftover paint that a friend had given me. It was seriously neutral, not something that I'm known for.
Four and a half hours later, after noticing that parts of the kitchen (cupboard door tops, drawer tops and the shelves above the stove) lacked any paint at all, and seeing how much better it all looked without the greens, I stopped. Note half of one glass cupboard missing - thanks to the housesitter. Just one more thing I have to shell out for after that disaster.
The area above the stove was all green previously, as were all the shelves to the right and the little window frame. And of course, the large ceiling beam which used to be two-tone green.

Unlike a fashion makeover, these photos were just quick unposed snaps taken the following morning when my friend Jill asked what colour scheme I'd chosen - I thought it was easier to show her with photos.

Did I mention I have those green beams and dark green trim all through the living room as well? .


Julie said...

It looks lovely and fresh now Shirley.

Marilyn said...

Like the change paint has done in your kitchen.

I am visiting you for the first time at the suggestion of a New Zealand friend, Rosemary Burnby.

I once, about 30 years ago, visited Christchurch and a hand weaver there, please attended to Woolcraft Festival. Loved it.

loulee said...

Wow, what a wonderfully bright kitchen.

academic said...

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Donald said...

Time well spent Shirley. I like the new kitchen look.



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