Friday, August 20, 2010

Attention Deficit Disorder

I sometimes suspect that I suffer from an adult version of ADD, as I can usually be found reading several books at any one time, depending on my mood or the time of day (for example, I never read crime thrillers at bedtime - that is usually reserved for non-fiction tomes of a more soporific nature) and quite frankly, I hesitate to mention how many UFOs I have in my quilting storage, or even how many items I am currently knitting. Oh well, you've twisted my rubber arm, so I'll 'fess up about the knitting.

The Clapotis wrap (in merino and silk) and the Coquille shawl/scarf (in bamboo) are still unfinished, but since I've returned home and am no longer restricted to only these projects, I've picked up a couple of other unfinished pieces.

This pattern is called "Sadie" and comes from Berroco whose chief designer is the wonderful Norah Gaughan. I have her "Knitting Nature" book, and honestly, this woman is just amazing. I adore her patterns which often feature geometric designs, and are beautiful. I am making Sadie in 60% merino and 40% possum wool (ok, possums don't actually HAVE wool, but their fur is in this stuff) which is made by New Zealand's own Touch Yarns. Hand dyed of course. Above is the 2nd front, and I have already knitted the back.If you are a knitter and have not yet discovered Knitty, the online magazine, you're missing a treat. Knitty (also on Ravelry) features patterns from new designers, and has some great stuff which is all free. This pattern "Sonnet" is really interesting to knit because it's done sideways, and can be adapted to any sort of yarn and needle size. I've made it before according to the pattern but this time, it's for me and I'm using cables. The wool is Cleckheaton's Country Naturals . I've already completed the body, and this is the 1st sleeve.

So many patterns, so little time!


verobirdie said...

Possums? Oh that is sweet. Imagine a European saying, oh my jumper is in possum wool :-)
You don't have a disorder syndrom, since you are organized. You just follow your biorythm ;-)
Thanks for liking my self portrait.

neki desu said...

nahhh! it's called multi tasking.
highly prized in the business world