Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday afternoon on the river

Today we went to Cambridge, home of world famous Cambridge University. Cambridge is a lively cosmopolitan city that attracts a lot of overseas and local visitors. After lunch , we went punting on the river. Fortunately, we had a proper punter and did not attempt to do it ourselves
The punters has to watch out for low-flying bridges.
The university really goes for the ivy league look, to emphasise that it's the 3rd oldest university in Europe.

The river winds through the university grounds.
There were several dozen punts in action, so things got hectic in places.
Hard to believe this is a student residence!
The Bridge of Sighs - which connects a student residence with the exam rooms. Aptly named.


Ali Honey said...

That was a wonderful experience for you. I can see the likeness to the Avon in Chch, except where you were it is surrounded by fabulous old buildings.
Thanks for sharing, Ali.

Diane said...

Looks like you had a wonderful afternoon!

I wanted to let you know that the Artful Quilters Blog Ring has moved. We’d love to have your blog move to the new ring! You can read about the details here:
Thanks! Diane

dining tables said...

I can see that you have enjoyed that river so much. It is an amazing experience. I am planning to visit that wonderful place this coming December.

Judy Warner said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. I have never been to Cambridge but it looks like I would expect it to!

Chris said...

Hard as it may be to think of students living in Cambridge - my youngest daughter's room was one of the windows on the right as you approached the bridge of sighs. Punts are available free to the students and i have had several happy and eventful trips with my daughter and her pals on the river. It was common to call up to friends and encourage them away from their studies on a nice day.

Glad you had a wonderful time there.

Janet said...

what fantastic shots!