Monday, July 19, 2010

Norfolk arts and crafts

Marion and I went to the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. This is a small bronze by Henry Moore that was in a display of his textiles. I like the small bronzes better than his large works.
One of the exhibitions featured figurines like these.
The Sainsburys had a huge eclectic art collection.
I like these simple representations of the human form - these are probably over a thousand years old.
This has nothing to do with the exhibition but was a doorknob on a house in Holt.
Marion, husband Robin and I went to an art exhibition at Salthouse church, on the coast. The lefthand panel is made from inlaid felt, the right from hooked recycled fabric.
This was all made from sisal, and was quite magnificent.
Outside the church, there were some sculptures. Here you can see the flint exterior of this 18th century church which has been patched in various places,
A wicker man in a grotto of tombstones.
This is part of an old anchor that Marion and I saw at Sheringham, another coastal town.


loulee said...

Back in Britain then! Are you dizzy yet?
Looks like you're getting to visit some very interesting places.

Julie said...

Fascinating exhibitions Shirley. I heard you were feeling a bit off colour, hope you're feeling better now.