Sunday, July 11, 2010

In the South of France

No photos today - I have briefly gone south to Le Triadou, a small town near to Montpellier in the South of France, to stay a couple of days with Dijanne Cevaal, whom many of you will know (or know of). I first met Dijanne in 1999, when I took her dyeing class at the National Quilting Symposium in Queenstown. Dijanne is Australian, but has been coming to Europe regularly to hold classes, display exhibitions and work. She is also a friend of Margo, whom I have spent the last week or so with.

When I leave here, I'll return to England to stay with my blog friend Marion Barnett, who is co-author with Dijanne of the book "Lovely Lutradur" (also available on CD). Hopefully, I can expand my knowledge while I'm with them.

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smarcoux said...

Hi Shirley .. hope your having fun .. I am sure you are.
When you get over to England you will have to let me know .. Marion is not all that far from me.