Monday, July 12, 2010

At Sete, on the Mediterranean coast

The seafront at Sete.
Today, Dijanne and I went to Sete to see Raoul Dufy's exhibition at the museum. I liked this one, "Les Palmiers, Homage a Gauguin" and managed to take a photo before the museum guards said they weren't allowed.
, Opposite the museum on a slope facing the sea, was this amazing cemetery full of large crypts and mausoleums.

The views that the dead have of the Mediterranean are just gorgeous.

Blus boats in the harbour.

We had coffee here at the museum, beside the goldfish pool, looking out at the sea.

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neki desu said...

sete is one of my favorite towns in s france, the others are agde and aigues mortes on the delta
you seem to have had a lot of fun