Thursday, July 22, 2010


I haven't been entirely idle. Almost, but not entirely. I bought some new yarn yesterday, and have started to knit the Coquille shawl from Knitty, which I thought very appealing and doable with just 2 balls of this bamboo/nylon sock yarn. It's an interesting pattern, knitted from tip to tip, and featuring little gussets to give it extra swirl.
As you can see, Clapotis is much larger although I haven't knitted it for several weeks. It's about 5 feet long now.
I finished the original knitting I brought with me - the turquoise merino and silk cardigan. Of course, I haven't had any opportunity to wear it.
These haven't made it to a needle yet, but I couldn't resist picking up a few variegated threads.


loulee said...

Very productive. I need you to come back.......My crochet got stuck!

verobirdie said...

Good for the cardigan. You will need it when you go back...