Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thoughts required - please lend me yours!

As part of my new career plan to make more of my living from my art, I've starting making some Maori and Polynesian inspired designs. I've decided to make some smaller items like bags and cushions that will appeal to tourists as well as (hopefully) New Zealanders. To start with, I've made a cutout of the design, using my Blended fabric, and have fused it to a dyed background. My intention was originally to make this a cushion cover but it's a bit large, so it may just be a one-off sample.

With my normal "make it up as I go along" style, I am now wondering how to best stitch this - as a cushion, bag or whatever, this will need washing so the fused piece needs to be sewn down in some way. It's much to fiddly for blanket or satin stitch - I'd never recover my time in the cost - any ideas?


Webfrau said...

I guess it depends on how frayable your fabric is. Many of the batiks don't so free-motion raw edge applique McKenna Ryan style could be an option.
What about using a heavy no sew fusible?
Stitch a little within the edge and encourage fraying as a sought after effect?
I like the design.

Anonymous said...

What about a fine tulle or net over the top and quilt that down. either in a colour to blend or contrast. Love the design by the way.

Jacqui (in Auckland)

Deb H said...

I 2nd Jaqui's opinion. Try a layer of tuelle or other sheer fabric that can hold it down, like an organza. Then your stitches can be minimized. Your time is probably worth more than the extra fabric would cost.

Donald said...

Sorry to hear about Grizabella Shirley.

Hope you're well and enjoying autumn. It's cool here, but we get some nice days.



Joyce said...

I agree with the first comment. It looks like a firm weave so that should work.

smarcoux said...

Yes I think just fuse it and sew it close to the edge it will be fine . Yes very nice design I love the maori stuff myself .... will keep my eyes peeled to watch your progress.


Mandi said...

I'd just fm stitch around the edges. It looks fine and holds everything just in case the fusible weakens a bit. It looks nicer (to my eye) than satin stitch, too.

Joanna said...

Definitely the raw edge applique. It was what I thought of as soon as I saw the piece. I do some things for others and when they need to choose between needleturn and raw edge, lately raw edge has been chosen every time. Must be the new cool thing! The design is great btw:)