Monday, April 06, 2009

6 into 5 doesn't go

The chaos in my living room this morning, as I struggled to work out where everything that I was sending up to Symposium was going. I ended up having to accept that I needed 6 boxes. After an hour on the phone talking to various courier companies, it's going to cost me $180 just to get this lot to Wellington. Most of it has to come back again. Compare this with $216 to fly me there and back, and the freight weighs less than I do. If I could only have compressed my stuff into a person shape, I could have put it on the seat next to me. Also, I get to take a carry-on bag and big suitcase for that price.

I've spent the entire weekend preparing sale goods and equipment to take with me - I supply everything, but I'm wondering if I'll ever do that again.

If any of my class are wondering why the materials fees for my classes are so high - this is why.

End of rant. I am rather stressed.


Mt Perry Quilters said...

Yes Shirley, sometimes you do wonder is the effort all worth it, but I hope you enjoy the creative atmosphere when you get there. Maybe you should get students to come to you in future.

Mom said...

We are very grateful for your effort for the class at Symposium. I hope to buy some of the stuff you are taking with you to lighten your load on the way back.

From one of your keen students-to-be

Helen said...

I do hope you get a bit of rest before Symposium. It is stressful getting everything ready, especially for classes like yours. I hope the teaching goes well.

Julie said...

It's just a thought but would those vacuum bags make it any easier to pack your stock? Not sure if you have them in NZ but you suck all the air out of the packaging with a hoover and it takes up less space. Or maybe you are paying by weight in which case I don't suppose it would make any difference. I hope you enjoy yourself when you get there.