Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beyond The Basics class - and a thank you

Firstly a big thank you to all my wonderful blog readers who have posted messages or sent me emails regarding Grizabella. I really appreciate your support.

Here are the last of the photos of my classes at Symposium. Above is a set of colour wheel fabrics drying during the second Beginners' Class.

I realise that all these classroom shots (it's a school art room, for those who commented on it) look a bit the same - in this class, we're working with thickened dyes instead of immersing fabric in bags.
The class work is hanging up on the racks as before - we made colour wheels and gradations of one colour, and blending from one colour to another.
The 2 women on the left were also in my first Beginners' Class. They would have had quite a bit of fabric to take home.

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