Thursday, April 23, 2009

Colour Wheel dyeing

One of the most enjoyable exercises we do in my Basic Dyeing class is making a simple colour wheel of fat 1/8s in plastic bags. I decided to do some more of this at home, using different primaries, and fat 1/4s. Above is the #1 wheel using Tangerine, Basic Red and Turquoise.
#2 wheel used Golden yellow, Cobalt Blue and Magenta.
#3 wheel was Lemon Yellow, Turkey Red and Medium Blue.


maggi said...

Fantastic results.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I've always wanted to do this, but like so many things, have never gotten around to it. Thanks for showing us the subtle differences that results.

Doe said...

Wow Shirley, the dye class photos are impressive must take a lot of organisation, it's one area I've never wanted to teach other than one to one. Dyeing class takes a lot of equipment, the results look fantastic.
So sorry you lost your lovely cat. I've held two of our cats whist they were put to sleep and I still remember them as very sad days.