Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I take it all back

Firstly, Grizabella has rallied somewhat, although she is still horribly thin and weak. She has been more lively this week, though she's still insisting on living outside 24/7 (she has been a house cat all her life, so I don't understand this). Still, any improvement is good.
My sewing machine relented shortly after my last post, and I have today finished quilting World Financial Crisis. I'm not enthralled with all my sewing, and ripped out some I was totally unhappy with, but am just running with what I've done. Every coloured panel has a different design, most of which are symbolic and related to the quilt's theme.
And my camera didn't actually swallow those photos I thought I'd lost - so here are a few shots of my autumn garden. Firstly, a climbing rose (Pink Perpetue)
This succulent is in the rock garden and has a lovely mop of flowers.
This is an aster that I planted in the corner of the rock garden nearest the house- it's supposed (huh!) to be compact and 60cm high but is already at least a metre. I may move it because it's not really suited to this spot. The colour isn't showing at its best in the photo - it's a gorgeous dark cerise colour.

I am concentrating on getting ready for the national quilting symposium which is requiring a huge amount of time and effort. I am teaching the full 5 days and will need to freight up 7 or 8 boxes of stuff beforehand- I provide everything except the fabric, so I'm talking about buckets, trays, stuff to sell, dyes, chemicals - the whole 9 yards. As well as the stuff I take with me - fabric for overseas class members, spare fabric for people who out-dye their minimum class requirement, 6 sets of handouts....shall I go on? Just as well I did it all 2 years ago, so know what I'm doing.


Vicki W said...

The palettes are posted! I realized that I didn't attach the middle one on the original email. I just tried to send it but got it returned with a "mailbox full" message. I'll try to send it again tomorrow. Thank you!

Janet said...

Grizabella is so pretty, glad to hear she's feeling better.