Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some quilts I liked at the exhibitions

I'm back from my 5 days' teaching at Symposium. I had a great time but found the standing/walking for the best part of 9 hours each day to be very tiring as I'm not used to it - I'm also a lot less fit and svelte than I'd like to be, and the delicious hotel meals didn't help. I took some photos of quilts I liked in the exhibitions - sorry these ones are not attributed.

More tomorrow.


Pixie said...

The first one is Magnus Opus by Joan Withers. It reminds me of a Margaret Millar sizzling strips quilt. But maybe JW had never seen one of those.

I really enjoyed my class with you, and I thought you handled the class beautifully and kept everyone happy. I even came home with some nice fabric!!

Pixie said...

oh, and the fish are extraordinary aren't they? It is Memories of Golden Bay by Chizuko Hoy. The programme notes should have referenced Susan Carlson though.
I Sure hope the quilter did. There's a huge amount of work in CH's quilt, and the fish look like original designs, so I guess the judges accepted an "inspired by...." comment.

I wouldn't be those judges for all the tea in china!

loulee said...

Wow some beautiful quilts. Sounds like you had a busy time. Welcome home.


I love seeing photos of the quilts at shows, so thanks for that.

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing the photos, the fish quilt looks amazing.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Thanks for that info, Pixie. And thanks for your comments about my class!