Monday, August 27, 2007

Floor hazards, a semi-sock and some thanks

Here's another shot of Frodo and Cressy doing their "we are family" thing by lying in a row on the floor. I've had 2 dogs at a time before, but unrelated ones, never 2 from the same litter. Clearly, the fact that they were together in the womb has a strong influencing factor. It never fails to amuse me how they stick together.

And talking of pairs - here's my sock. This time, I intend to knit the other one as well! This is Opal's self-striping yarn. Usually I don't much like their colour schemes, but I found this one in purple shades which is more to my liking.

And thanks to all you lovely bloggers who have wished me well! Love you all!


Webfrau said...

I've just completed a set of baby socks and a pixie hat in exactly that colourway. I'm quite in love with the opal yarn myself. I've bought some more to make myself some socks but haven't decided on a pattern yet.

Leanne Hurren said...

Aww...they look lovely together. We have 2 cats that are sisters and I would never just have one - they are lovely together. We have a puppy at teh moment and I can't wait til we've got through his (very) bratty stage, got him trained a bit and can get him a brother!!

BTW - the new house looks gorgeous. Hope it all goes well.

Joanna said...

Shirley, I've been reading your blog for ages - maybe a couple of years now and it's about time I left a comment! I'm a Kiwi living in the States (NH to be exact) and your blog always feels like a bit of home to me!

The dogs once again are so funny - like siamese twins those two are, and your house looks fabulous. It was always my dream as a little girl to live in an A-Frame house! Now you are about to live my dream lol!

Thanks for the faithful blogging. I am just starting and hope to keep it going as long as you have!
Joanna in NH

Joanna said...

Shirley, thanks for your comments - I have done exactly what you suggested! MUCH appreciated!

ra said...

Oh they look realy lovely together. It's funny, I don't particularly care for poodles in theory, but I've never met one in real life that I didn't like. They have much more personality than you'd suspect from looking at the ones that are clipped and primped to within an inch of their life.

(They are poodles aren't they?)