Thursday, September 06, 2007

Moved and back online

Moving is hell. But it's all over now and I'm pretty much settled into the new house. I have only got connected to the net this morning so haven't any photos of the office/studio as I haven't sorted it properly yet, due to lack of aforementioned broadband.

However, I'm always ready with the camera, so here's a photo of the snow-capped mountains I can now see. It was -4 degrees Celsius this morning, so I'm glad I made buying firewood a priority.

And here's part of my new living room - once you get a few quilts up on the walls and plants here and there, it looks like you've been there for years.

I've also had a bit of a makeover - at least, my hair has, so I'll change my profile photo once I can get a respectable shot of myself.


Karen said...

Moving is no fun. but at least now you can enjoy the unpacking sorting rearranging searching for packed goods... At least you can put your feet up for a few! Congrats on the new home.

Feather on a Wire said...

Welcome back, we missed you.
I used to love moving and now I just hate it. All that stuff to do whilst really you just want to get on with life.
Those mountains must lift your spirit.
Does everywhere in NZ have great views. I want to sweep my hand across those houses in front to make it totally yours!

loulee1 said...

Welcome back, and welcome to your new home.

I hope you will have many very happy years there.

Joanna said...

Love the new 'do'! And I can totally relate to moving - we did it 3 times this last year and now we are settled and I am never moving again. And if I do, I'm paying someone to pack all our stuff!

Deb H said...

Welcome home! Your house looks lovely. What a nice view! I've always loved A-frames. I had always wanted to live in one.

MargaretR said...

I love your new house Shirley, your living room and also the blue and the peach room. Love the new photo, you are so young.