Thursday, September 20, 2007

Several flokati rugs

Hard to tell where the rug ends, and the poodles start! In a couple of weeks, they will be clipped short and look quite naked. I love them long and shaggy, though they tend to get their fur hanging into their mouths, which isn't so good. They're so lovely and soft to cuddle up with.

After they've been clipped closely, they race all over the place like spring lambs. I guess it feels good to get that fur coat off! Their skin feels like velvet, and their faces look dark as they have black skin under their muzzles, though it's pink elsewhere.

This week, I'm concentrating on sending out a customer newsletter in order to bring in some money as I haven't yet got a job. There's a huge amount of administative work to do in updating customer records, writing the newsletters (2 different ones) and then emailing them out in lots of little batches so it doesn't get caught in spam filters.

I've got all the emailed newsletters done; now I need to copy the newsletter and send by snail mail to those who either don't have the internet or whose email addresses have changed.
This is what I did with the hellebore prints. I'm happy with how I painted them, but underwhelmed by this arrangement of blocks. I'm going to find some suitable background fabric and lay them out in a more spread-out fashion.


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Love seeing the pups laying together. Our poodles ran around like crazy when they came home from the groomers.

I am sure your newsletter with be great.

I like the way your hellebore blocks turned out. I agree spreading them out will look better.

KDS said...

I was wondering yesterday where the poodles went. And today they are back in the limelight.

Sheila said...

It's funny how the white poodles have dark skin and the black poodles have light skin! I love the pictures of your two with the rug. Summer cuts are so easy to take care of and I love how soft and velvety Madison's skin feels. Poodles are wonderful.

marion said...

I was going to suggest sashing, but you beat me to it with the idea of a background fabric...though you might consider more than one fabric in there...and different sizes of sashing...oh shut up marion, stop interfering...

meggie said...

Oh I so love your Poodley babies lying there together!!
We have just had our woolly baby clipped, & boy, did we miss his wool! He slunk about as if he was ashamed when he first came home, but next day he realised he was a lot lighter- & showed off to please us!