Thursday, September 13, 2007

More fun than working

What a pity someone doesn't pay me to do this! I am enjoying being unemployed, apart from the fact that I have no income.

Today I've been playing with digital images in Photoshop, following on from my dabbling yesterday. Naturally, I haven't done much else. I scanned a Hellebore (winter rose) flower and then set about reproducing it in various ways. My colour cartridge was running out of ink but I wasn't concerned about that, as I intend to paint and stitch over the images. Then I think I'll assemble them into a wallhanging of some kind.

I haven't done anything like this before and it's very exciting. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities for me - of course, other fiber artists have been doing this for years, but I'm a late bloomer y'know. Better late than never!


marion said...

Ah yes, the no income is a bit of a bind, but the rest of it is great...

Suzi-k said...

those pix are stunning, I look forward to seeing the end result. Well done, you are the WINNER of my blogiversary draw, e mail your snail mail address to and I will send it off!