Sunday, September 16, 2007

Creative Block (and how to pretend it isn't there)

I am suffering from a serious dose of creative block. Also from Can'tBeBotheredDoingStuffitis, but let's not go there. It's not that I don't have a thousand wonderful ideas, it's more than I just can't seem to be able to translate them into reality at present, leaving me frustrated and dissatisfied.

Oh well, you may think, if that's ALL she has to worry about, it's not. I'm unemployed, on my own, with a mortgage and critters to support, shortly to turn a year older so with more sags and wrinkles than I had last year.......have you had enough yet?

While trying to find things in my office/studio storeroom (formerly the walk-in wardrobe, and a very unusual shape it is owing to the A-frame, even has a window), I've come across some earlier work that has never been completed.

Sometimes you look critically at your work (often, in my case) and think "this isn't worth finishing". However, some of it is ok. Here's "Hibiscus Bars" (I typed Bras to start with!) which is quilted with a hibiscus flower design (click for a larger image). It looks better in real life than in the photo, colours are a bit strange here.

This one is called "Radiance" and is just a top at this stage. It's made with a painted background (diagonal stripes) appliqued with positive and negatives sun-shaped cutouts. I started to do cutouts (large and small) when I broke my ankle, as I couldn't do any dyeing so branched into painting instead. This piece is very striking, but I haven't had any inspiration as to how to quilt it yet.

Any ideas?


ra said...

sorry I'm not a quilter so no ideas about the best way to quilt it, but it has definite possibilities. I really like it.
Sorry to hear that life is getting you down at the moment.

joyce said...

I'm a bit in the same space. I call it "between projects".

loulee1 said...

I really like the colours you've used here Shirley.
Why not try a simple fan shaped quilting design for this one? Or were you hoping for something more adventurous?

StegArt said...

Both projects are great! Hope your creative block dissapears quickly for you. Don't let it get you down.

Purple Missus said...

I often sift through old bits and pieces if I'm at a loss what to do. Or I just flick through books and magazines until something jumps out at me.
Those colours you have used are gorgeous even if you do think they look a bit strange in the photo.

Rayna said...

1) Your new photo is gorgeous and I actually believe you have gotten about 10 years younger, so I don't want to hear about your imaginary wrinkles.

2) Radiance is a delight. I love it!
And I always agonize about how to quilt something, so I understand perfectly. Sorry I'm no help there, but I would just be random about it.

3) Creative blocks are just to give you time to do something else while the roots for the next creative period put themselves down. It is a fact of life - and I think (or so I tell myself) a necessity for artists. Hang in there, dearie. You'll see - inspiration will hit when you least expect it.

Karen said...

Sorry to hear your feeling down in the dumps a bit. Creative blocks are rough to get through but often the inspiration that is just on the other side of them is worth the down time. I often think it is just a wee bit of space one needs to regroup for the onslaught to be.As for gaining another birthday, congrats! sags and wrinkles are just lifes little kisses....

Dellrayne said...

shirley, I drop in every now and then to enjoy your pics and writings.
Congratulations on becoming a mortgage payer.. a great job will turn up just for you soon.
don't be feeling down. life's too short.
my most beautiful,clever nephew, Travis aged 23, a troubled soul from a bad childhood was visitng Christchurch and had been working around NZ for a year when he died
within 24 hours of Menningococcal disease 12th May this year. i miss him so very every day and will for the rest of my life.. we don't get a travel warning about the epidemic going on over there.
so, don't you worry about your quilter's block..... inspiration will come with such delight that you'll be happily busy day and night..
I love your work and love those colours...

Jörn G Punkt said...

Your hard will tell you the right way when the time is ripe!

Barbara said...

I think moment will come and you'll know your way of doing!

Dianne said...

Radiance is fantastic - wow!!