Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Quilt Du Jour

Here is the first of the pair of quilts that I'll be taking with me to the National Quilting Symposium (held every 2 years) in just over a fortnight. These will be hung in the Tutor's Exhibition. I'm very excited and nervous about teaching there, as this is THE big event in the quilting calendar in New Zealand, and I know that some of the quilters in my classes are coming from Australia, the UK and USA.

My Pfaff has suddenly developed a tension problem, with only the "sky" part of the quilt left to do. I might leave it for today, as the later in the day that I sew, the more mistakes I make, being a morning person.

The quilts represent the landscape of Otago, the region I now live in. The fabrics in this one are painted, as opposed to dyed, and the appliqued animals are all found here - seals, penguins, lizards and gulls. Each part of the landscape is quilted with a different design.

Click on the photo for a larger version which will show the quilting detail.
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Fran├žoise said...

Wow! Your quilt looks good.
Is Otago as nice as this in real?
Good luck with your teaching.

Shirley Goodwin said...

It sure is! Go to and click on "Prev" and "Next" buttons on the top photo.

Ali Honey said...

Shirley I'm sure you will be just fine. Some of the ladies from the group I belong to ( Tauranga Patchwork and Quilting ) are going to be in PN. Not sure what classes they are taking, but they will report back to all of us. ( take some woollies PN can be cold! ) Love your little garden and the sweep of the bay looks brilliant. Good ol' NZ!

Vicki said...


joyce said...

I love your FMQ. You have a lot more variety than I have been able to manage. I also want to try painting on fabric as opposed to dyeing. I have painted on silk but not on cotton with dyes. So much to try, it's exciting! Good luck on your teaching.

Suzi-k said...

Stunning. And I guess when your Pfaff develops a tension problem, so do you!

emmyschoonbeek said...

a wonderful quilt

Helen said...

Tha'ts a wonderful quilt. I'll look forward to seeing it in the "flesh". Ignore what Ali says. I think it's going to be stinking hot in Palmy!! We deserve some better weather up this way (of course it is always better weather in Wanganui, no matter what it is like in Palmy)

Deb H said...

I looks lovely Shirley. It surprises me a little that you like to FMQ using a Phaff. They are the only brand that I have had issues with FMQ with in my classes (that I'm teaching). I've learned through many headaches & trial & error how to get them to USUALLY work, but almost any other brand machine is better for FM work & save the Phaffs for the even feed linier stuff. My favorite machine ever for FM, is the Bernina 1260. I own 3 of them. They're old, but I haven't found anything better, & I've had newer machines, that I ended up selling or in the case of the one that I won, I gave it to my son as a wedding gift. He loves it!
Your quilting really is beautiful.I'm amazed you could make a Phaff do that!