Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"She has a studio like a palace....

..I don't have one so I am jalace" (apologies to Roald Dahl). Here's what my current sewing & drawing & cutting space looks like:
Of course, I DO have another table that I even occasionally eat off. Mostly I use that to keep all the things I need to do in one place so they don't get overlooked, and I also dye and paint on it (it's not an antique piece, I might add).

Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to comment on my work in progress. I have it pinned and ready to quilt, but have not made the final decision about a quiting design yet.

Since my last post, I've set up the Dyers Webring, and joined the new Surface Design Webring. I've ordered some gel medium (thanks, Jane, on HeArt Cloth Quarterly) to have a play with. I'm still dithering about the quilting on my exhibition pieces, as this I feel is my weakest area. They are all sandwiched and ready to go, however. First I'm going to do some more samples to increase my confidence about free-motioning within a restricted space. Also I want to experiment with some designs I've thought of to see how they translate into thread.

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