Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blowsy and decadent!

No, not me! I was having trouble quilting "Moa in Boots" so I thought I'd free my mind up by making a start on this one (as yet unnnamed). I decided that, because of the severe symmetry and straight lines of the background, I wanted to quilt something that shamelessly draped itself across the quilt like a drunken "D" list celebrity. Something blowsy and decadent that slurred "Look at me!". I hope you can see the design in this photo - it's meant to be a hibiscus flower.

Oh by the way, I've decided to leave this horizontal - I'll make some more in this style and do them vertically.


teri springer said...

Oh my. Shirley, I love it. Really, it is very restful in this orientation. And the flowers are just right! Now, to the other piece. Maybe quilted in petroglyphs??


Anonymous said...

The hibiscus gives the whole piece a pacific flavour with the wonderful blues and golds of the fabric.


Elle said...

Love the colors. Beautiful! Welcome to the AQ ring!