Saturday, January 14, 2006

The hills, the sea, and work in progress

Today I went to visit an area about 60km away where there are lots of fossils of toothed whales and giant penguins, as well as Maori rock drawings. It's inland, close to the lovely Waitaki River, one of the South Island's wonderful braided river. You can just see it in the photo, with the rugged Otago hills behind.

It was lovely then but at home, there's a very strong easterly. You can see in the other photo (this is the view from my back deck) how rough the water is out in the bay. I can't even have the back door open because it's blowing my stuff around.

Now I have a confession to make....I like having a zizzz after lunch. Not because I'm getting elderly (what my children think) but because if I lie down and relax, I get all sorts of good ideas. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Today I 'saw" this design in these colours so have got stuck in and made it. Originally, I planned to have it horizontal (left hand photo) but I saw it the other way (right hand photo) and decided I liked the vertical view better.

What do YOU think? Please post your opinion.


Sophie said...

I think you're right.

When it's vertical it seems to have more movement and depth.

Looks fantastic!!

teri springer said...

Ok, FIRST let me say "Welcome to the Ring"!!! Second, I am SOOOOOOO jealous of your view. New Zealand is #1 on my list of places to visit. My problem is, I am afraid that, once I get there, I may toss my passpost into the ocean and never leave (and I would have to have my family ship my studio to me).

Last, I LOVE the piece both ways but I do is much more dynamic vertically (which makes sense since horizontal lines are restful).

I am SO glad you are here!!


Rayna said...

Ok, I'm going to play both sides here. They are absolutely two different pieces, depending on which way you look at them. I find the first one more restful because of the horizontal blue lines. For me, your gorgeous fabrics are the focus and the highlight. In the second one, I agree there is more movement -- those blue lines undulate, which makes it interesting. They become the focal point in this piece and your other fabrics are secondary.
Depends on what you want as the focal point. I would finish it and then decide which way I wanted to hang it. Leave it on the wall for a week or two and switch it around to see which way 'feels' better to you. It's really hard to tell without seeing the piece in person.
In my crit group, when we are undecided, we rotate a finished piece in all 4 directions and there is always a concensus.

c51 said...

I would say Vertical is my favourite
cathy from KQers

Anonymous said...

I love it - very peaceful horizontally and quite dramatic veritcally. The horizontal is very much a 'view of the coast' from your decking.


Anonymous said...

I love the dramatic effect of the vertical one- much movement- horizontal feels a bit blah!!. But then I love dramatic!
Jo-Anne from KQ

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be different and say I like the horizontal angle best. The perspective seems skewed when it is turned. I also believe that an art quilt has to be considered from the perspective it is designed. If it can just be turned any-which-way, then surely it is just another pieced quilt, albeit with some interesting hand-dyed fabric and curved piecing. Just my two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

I have had a stressful day. I like the horizontal best because it is peaceful.

Helen Suzanne said...

I'll join in with horizontal. The colours and fabrics are so gorgeous and horizontal gives me time to float over them. The vertical makes me feel like I'm falling down a xylaphone with it's perspective and a bit too buzy for me.

Carolyn Martin-Edge said...

Hi Shirley

I like the first one with the pale blue lines going horixontally. Your dyeing is to die for, no pun intended.

You are an inspiration

quilty hugs


Anonymous said...

I prefer the vertical one. It seems to have movement. The horizontal one to me looks heavy. Probably not the correct word but can't think how else to discribe it.
Anne in Dunedin

Sheril Drummond said...

Welcom to our Webring. I think you are very brave to relocate and start your own business. I hope the site will be an inspiration for you.

Lexington, Ky. USA

kay susan said...

Yes, the vertical. Love those singing colours! And what a fantastic place to live....thank you for the photos.

Micki said...

At first I thought the horizontal, but after really looking I believe I like the movement of the vertical position. I also love your dyed fabrics.