Sunday, January 22, 2006

Moa in Boots

Incidentally, the Maori language has no "s", so moa, kiwi and so on are both singular and plural. This whimsical piece started life as "Moa Crossing" and was my version of Robbi Joy Ecklow's "Guitars" and still life pieces. I thought moa were lots more fun. Annnnnyway, my friend Kathryn kept calling it "Moa In Boots" because of the way their feet were emphasised by the design, so I've renamed it. Clearly not a quilt to take seriously - the jury will either love it or hate it - I suspect the latter. But I'm going to submit it anyway. Each moa is quilted witha different design. I haven't quite decided how to the backgrounds yet. I am using good ol' NZ wool batting - that's what we have 40 million sheep for here - and only 4 million people. That's altogether. In the whole country. One third of them live in Auckland so I don't. But my children do.

Off to hang some fabric on my clothesline and pour dye all over it - fun! And put my sourdough bread mix to ferment for a while. Cos it's Sunday which is breadmaking day.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your page Shirley

smarcoux said...

HI Shirley
Just so you know I have put you in my side bar link if you wanted to do the same with my blog.

Robbi said...

I LOVE it! I hope the jury does too!