Thursday, March 13, 2014

The reveal

 Those of you who have been following the last few posts about my new project will remember that the objective was to tone down the corner accents of hand dyed fabric.  Above is the original layout (not stitched).
And here is layout #2 - slightly different angle, sorry - but you can see what a difference the screen printing has made to the way the quilt looks.  I am much happier with it now.   I did not attempt to reproduce the original layout - I just started from scratch and tried to ensure that there was a pattern with the corners, and that no 2 pieces were the same where they adjoin.
The dogs are, of course, completely familiar with this sort of thing and don't mess it up :-).

I welcome your comments!  Please tell me which version you prefer, and why.


Nancy J said...

The dogs are the best!!!, I like the altered version, I saved each one, cropped it, then compared side by side, the cropped photo shows the dyed triangles so much better, and it is softer all round. Lots of work, but well worth it in the end. I'm not a fan of yellow or gold, but it adds "zing" to any quilt. I'll wait to see it together and quilted, Cheers, Jean.

margaret said...

I like both versions. Certainly you achieved your goal of muting the colors. And it IS your piece! But I'm a contrast girl and I must say that I miss the yellow triangles. They were a spark of color that led my eye around the surface. Possibly the orange-y fabric serves that purpose in the altered version. It's hard to tell the true colors without seeing it in person.

Your beautiful dogs are much more well-behaved than mine! Even after years of fabric on the floor, they are as attracted to it as I am...

Shirley said...

So, so pretty. And sew clever! <-- see what I did there... ;) x