Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A new project! Part 4

 One thing I've learned with screen printing is that paints don't behave like dyes.  Mix red, blue and yellow dyes, and you get brown.  Mix these as paints, and you get dark grey.  Not what I wanted.  I have had some comments about my approach to colour mixing :-) ...sometimes you have just to do it.  There are no exact recipes for this.
 Plan B was to make an orangey colour. At least red and yellow worked here.
 The design I made for the black triangles was a simple stylized sun.

 This was quick and easy to do.
 For the navy triangles, I did a far more difficult design.  This involved printing most of the triangle, so it was pretty tricky to line up.
 It didn't always work perfectly, and I had to touch up some triangles with a cotton bud, adding paint to areas that were missed.
To avoid getting paint on the rest of the block, I used a piece of waste fabric as a shield.
 Here's the results - the black with gold suns above...
..and the overprinted navy triangles below.  

I will probably leave the grey triangles as they are.  Next step is to lay all the blocks out on the floor, and see how they look.

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Nancy J said...

looking so good, the sun is a super design, and this is going to be great together. Cheers, Jean.