Monday, April 25, 2011

Tutors and temptations

Jane Sassaman, Bonnie McCaffery, Jan Krentz - all from USA
 Karen Brodersen (NZ) and Larkin van Horn (USA)
Cynthia Corbin (USA), Lisa Walton (Australia), Yvonne Brown (UK).  We were all out to dinner at the Thai restaurant. It's very nice, but it wasn't the temptation....
...This is the temptation, and the only thing I bought !  100 grams of red/magenta/crimson laceweight merino from Touch Yarns, who had a stand in the Merchants' Mall.


Jean said...

The Photos and the yarn, truly wonderful, I have seen and felt some 4 ply merino from Touch Yarns, and iut was the softest ever.From Alexandra, not far from younger daughter's place.Guess you might get a weeks' holiday?? Not sure if SIT does the same terms as schools do.Enjoy the beautiful colours when you knit it, That will always be part of the Symposium 2011. Cheers Nancy J

verobirdie said...

The last picture made me laugh, so very much you :-)

Deb H said...


A very nice hit parade of quilters extraodinare too!