Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dyeing day

 Today is fine and sunny with little wind - perfect for my type of dyeing.  I need plenty of Blended fabric to take to Symposium to sell.
 These are all one metre pieces and they will be chopped into fat quarters for sale.
 The line was full so I took pieces down as soon as they were dry.  After that, they have to be washed!  It's a long slow process.
I had dye left over, so I grabbed a couple of calico tab top curtains that I'd found in the spare room, and sprayed dye over them.  I'll try to use them somewhere.


loulee said...

Very bright and colourful. :-)
Do you ever NOT have dye left over? LOL

Donald said...

Great colours Shirley. And sunshine dispelling all myths re Invercargill!