Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to symposium I go..

This is "Aotearoa" - the Maori name for New Zealand.  The drawing I took this from was done by a classmate and he has given permission for me to interpret it in cloth.  This is the raw image - it's been cut out and fused to a background, but that's all.  It's currently being stitched and will be ready to take to Symposium with me tomorrow as my Tutor Quilt for the exhibition.

For more on the quilting symposium, go here.

See you in a  week.  Happy Easter.


Jean said...

the opening words say it all!!. Busy time for everyone. up here the project "Bags for Japan from New Zealand' has begun well,there will be flyers at the Symposium and a 2 minute talk at the Happy Hour.The time there will be so busy for you, hope you enjoy a break away from lectures.Love the pattern.Such subtle colours. Cheers Jean

Helen said...

Hi Shirley

Fabulous logo for New Zealand. I look forward to seeing it in the tutor's exhibition.

Milly said...

that is absolutely beautiful!