Thursday, April 28, 2011

Symposium classes

This time around, I taught 2 classes, each 2 days long.  They were "Pole Dancing with Shibori" and "Faux Batik - Using Resists".  Following are examples of class work.

 The above photos are all from the shibori class.  We also discharged fabric (took the colour out) as you can see in the last 2.
This is Jenny from Australia, who did both my classes.
 A piece of silk shibori - the colours come out quite differently from cotton.

Here we were using paste, glue and commercial resists to pattern fabric, then adding layers of dyes and paints.


Jean said...

As many do, when I look at a display, I like my favourite coloured fabrics the best,blue,mauve,purple and green.What fascinating patterns,I'm sure they were all so pleased with what they took home.
looks as though the" clothesline" was just in the right place to dry and display. Great to get photos of symposium . Cheers Nancy J

Leeann said...

Your students did some great work...must have been that good tutor they had.

Lisa said...

It looks like everyone made some fun fabrics. Bet you all had fun in class.

Granny Lindie said...

WOW...AWESOME fabrics...