Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meandering Polyps

Meandering Polyps. Now there's a quilting design that you'll never see in a quilting book. I can't imagine any quilt show winner proudly discussing her Meandering Polyps design with the judges. When I started to quilt this log cabin quilt yesterday morning, my tired brain just couldn't think of a design that I could quickly and easily use, so I invented this one. It's ugly, but it's doing the job. I don't have the luxury of spending 100 hours quilting this.

You see, I've tried quilting this baby before. However, each time was a disaster. When I made this very scrappy quilt, I wanted to maintain the traditional red centres of the blocks, which represent home and the hearth. The only red fabric I had is the stuff that you can see in the centres and also as the border. It's of doubtful parentage, and has evil, shape-shifting ways, which is why previous attempts to quilt it were unsuccessful.

Using techniques taught to me by Sally Bramald (Feather Quilter Extraordinaire), I have been able to contain this fabric's desire to pucker and bunch. Sadly, I haven't acquired Sally's skill and control. My Meandering Polyps quilt is not going to win any prizes. What it IS going to do (I hope), is give a wee bit of comfort to someone who has just lost a loved one.

Once I've completed quilting the main part, I am going to re-pin the borders to within an inch of their nasty little lives, and force them into submission with some other design. Maybe Random Kidneys, or Small Intestines.

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Anonymous said...

I like it but I am a very unconventional person, in almost every way.