Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 Things That Not Many People Know About Me

Of course, you may not WANT to know esoteric facts about me, but I have no new photos at present, so here goes...

1. I was originally called Dorothy, but my parents changed my name by deed poll when I was 9 months old as it was too confusing - my mother's oldest sister is Dorothy. (Incidentally, my brother is Ross, the same name as my father's only brother. Why? Who knows?)

2. I have additional blind spots on the retina of my right eye, which I believe were caused by ordinary measles or German measles when I was a child. Optometrists get excited about this.

3. I lived in Raratonga and Western Samoa briefly when I was a tiny tot, as my father was a radio operator and worked in the islands for a year. I don't remember any of this.

4. I can't make pavlova (supposedly the requirement of a traditional Kiwi woman).

5. I was in my teens before I knew that spaghetti didn't only come in tins (seriously, this is how we ate it).

6. I am not remotely interested in rugby, which is (again supposedly) the national sport.

7. I am a speed reader.

8. I'm really interested in the weather, although I do not have a particularly scientific bent.

9. I studied Latin at school (as well as French and German).

10. At various times, I have kept keas, kakarikis (both NZ native parrots), red-legged partridges, a number of different ornamental ducks and pheasants (including native brown teal), wekas (native woodhens), peafowl, guinea fowl, finches, cockatiels, budgies, quail, bantams, geckos, goats, guineapigs, and tropical fish.


ms lottie said...

I've just started following your blog after thinking about getting into dyeing again (I took a class with you at symposium manawatu). Just can't picture you as a 'Dottie'!

Donald said...

Well they're revealing 10 points Shirley.

I'm thinking could I encourage you to do the next ten please!?



Emmy said...

love to read these things about you