Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hearts are starting

I received the first 2 sets of heart blocks yesterday, along with some 9 patches. As the local newspaper wants to take some photos tomorrow afternoon, I took 14 of the donated blocks that were in blues, made another 46 hearts, then assembled them into this top so there'd be something to photograph.
This lovely stack'n'slash quilt was donated by Raewyn Mill of Christchurch.

Bobbie has kindly made a heart pattern in PDF format to downloaod if anyone wants one. You can find it here.


kcrock said...

Thanks for the pattern. It is great that you are organizing this. I put it i the Western Quilters Circle newsletter so I am sure there will be lots of the way from this.

Maria said...

The quilts look beautiful. You are doing such a great job. I wish I lived closer so I could help with a sewing bee. Have made some blocks are they are winging there way over to you.

Leeanne said...

Wow you are rocking through them I have put a post on my blog and we are planning on making some blocks.

Julie said...

A mammoth effort already Shirley! Well done for getting this done so quickly, I hope the newspaper exposure brings you lots of support.

Rose Marie said...

I have a heart top that is being mailed to you tomorrow morning. You can visit my blog to have an idea of what I'm sending and the size.

Good luck with getting your first goal done in time for Xmas.

Rose Marie
Toronto, Canada

LindyLambChopsNZ said...

Many thanks for sharing these gorgeous quilts. Thank you also for the heart pattern. Loved the video too of the various art works. Great that Rangiora has such talent. Looks like the Wraps for Broken Hearts for the Pike Mine families has been a great success. Well done everyone! My heart goes out to those families.