Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Work in progress, and a new look

This is part of the quilt I'm making as my tutor's quilt for symposium at Easter - it's 2 panels of the 3, and is called "World Financial Crisis". You can see I don't do "pretty" quilts....
...although this might qualify as pretty. It's for a woman I know whose husband is terminally ill with motor neuron disease (similar to what physicist Stephen Hawking has). Although I don't know her well (my association with her was professional rather than personal) I heard his health was failing so I decided to make them a hearts quilt. This is a tradition among quilters, usually done in a group where members contribute a block or 2, and given to people who are suffering tragedy and trauma. It's a tangible expression of caring, and has brought comfort to many people who are amazed that people who don't know them would bother to do such a thing. As I don't know how long he'll live, I'm making it all myself so it can be completed quickly. I've chosen reds and browns as the colour scheme. Now I'll put a narrow dark inner border and then a red outer border to complete it.
I have decide to go for a short and curly look for 2009.


Julie said...

You look wonderful with your new look Shirley :o)

The heart quilt is lovely. I belong to a Yahoo group Fiber Art Traders which makes small Heart Hugs for people who are going through difficult times. It's a lovely thought.

MND is a terrible disease. It must be one of the worst illnesses. I hope that you will all find the strength to cope.

Sheila said...

Shirley, I love the look of your quilts. They have meaning to you. I love art that isn't always "pretty". In fact "pretty" art doesn't attract me. This said, I love your color combinations and the designs that go into your artwork.

Sheila said...

Oh, and I like your curly look!

Nora said...

The hair looks carefree.
As someone who received an quilt from unknown quilters at a difficult time it was so very comforting.
I am just amazed at how prolific you are!
I feel like all I've been doing for the past month is fueling my poor husband with various baked goodies as he went out to plow our very long driveway once more!

Ali Honey said...

Well done on the hearts!
That's a very youthful hairdo!

Janet said...

LOVE the haircut!