Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Summer garden part 2 - the visual garden

Hydrangeas by the back door.

Rose " Sally Holmes"
Day lily - I love the red ones.
I know what this is but can't think of the name.
And a tigridia that's growing in the vegetable garden.


Julie said...

I love the rose Sally Holmes. I've done a drawing of it which I'll have to look out. Is that Spiraea? What a beautiful garden you have. Lovely to look at on a snowy day in the UK.

Feather on a Wire said...

Lovely, I can almost smell the warm earth.
Sally from very cold and snowy England

Nora said...

Is the pink fluffy flower Joe Pie Weed?
Your garden is lovely.
It is sooo cold and snowy here! but, the joy is the days are getting longer.
I saw chickadees at my feeder yesterday. They don't come mid-winter as it is too shaded.
Enjoy a cup of tea in your garden and think of us shivering in the northern hemisphere.

Andy, Ariella & Morgan Saucier said...

The flowers are lovely and a wonderful treat for the winter logged bloggers here in the US.

The Idaho Beauty said...

These look incredibly fresh to me. Of course, I'm sitting here in winter up to my eyeballs in snow, so yeah - these WOULD look particularly good to me!