Saturday, January 03, 2009

Summer garden part 1 - the edible garden

Here's today's harvest - I've been a bit slack with the beans and peas - I need to keep picking them so that the plants keep on producing. These are my first beetroot of the season. There were more strawberries but I think the dogs ate them.
Here's one of the big raised gardens - the tomatoes (heirloom varieties in various colours) are romping away.
This squash is fruiting well and is running over the garden behind. I planted flowers in each raised bed (lupins in this one) but have pulled most of them out as it became too crowded.
I have an amazing crop of potatoes that were not planted - who knew potatoes were this tenacious? Every tiny tuber that I failed to lift last year, and some that were left in the ground by previous residents has grown. They have sprouted right through the weed mat base of the small raised gardens. They have grown in the greenhouse. They are all through the berry garden. And of course, I have some elsewhere that I actually planted. I will be able to feed a multitude with my potatoes. I will have to give some to the Foodbank.


Karen said...

It is so nice to see such a wonderful garden growing while here we are bundled up from the freexing temps.
Happy New Year

Fran├žoise said...

Your vegetable garden looks wonderful!
My dog likes to eat strawberries too.

Anonymous said...

I use to love fields of home grown carrots when I was young. They tasted like candy to me!
It's too bad I can't find local farmer fruit now.

Cool! Glad I could visit your site,

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Janet said...

What a beautiful garden! Mine is covered in snow :-(