Sunday, January 11, 2009

In which I bring out some more old work

I AM in fact in the throes of making a new quilt, which I'll take to Symposium as my contribution to the Tutors' Exhibition. However, I don't want to show any of that at present, so here are some I made earlier (as they say on cooking programmes). Above is a wallhanging I made for an exhibition called "Birds". The background is woven with raw edged strips.
This is a favourite that I produced as a pattern. It's called "Monet's Hexagons", because the colours reminded me of Monet's garden.
And this is another woven wallhanging - I have a bit of a thing for lizards. Unlike the first quilt above, the fabric strips on this quilt and folded and ironed so the edges are smooth.


Joyce said...

I love the subtle color changes on the background of the first one. I've never tried that technique. Another thing for the to-do list!

Julie said...

They're all beautiful but I love your lizard quilt and the Monet inspired piece.