Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Unfinished symphonies

Yesterday, I gave talk to a local patchwork and quilting group here in Rangiora. They seemed to be a very nice bunch of women, so I'll probably go back again next year as a member. I took along quite a bit of my work, much of which hasn't been seen on the blog for a while so I thought I'd show some of it. First up are 3 unfinished pieces (there are many more, I assure you, but not all will BE finished). The above piece, called Radiance, was made when I was incapacitated with my broken ankle and working only with paints. It's a positive/negative style using fused cutouts.
As is this piece. These are both just tops at this stage. I can't remember if I've named this one.
I'm sure I would have named this as well - I usually do - but can't think of it at present. This is quilted and only needs binding. It's from my "convergence" period. The quilting is large hibiscus flowers and was fun to do.


kathy said...

Shirley, these are nice fun and bright pieces! On your convergence piece, you said there are hibiscus quilted on it. Have you ever thought about taking paintstiks and using them to bring those hibiscus flowers out a bit more? I can't see them in the quilting but just faintly.

Webfrau said...

I love "Radiance" I can't wait to see it finished. So bright and cheerful.

Julie said...

Beautiful colours and shapes in these Shirley.

Suzi-k said...

oooh i hope you finish the middle one, it's stunning! Really "speaks to me" hehe. the bottom one makes me think of a xylophone for some reason, I am almost hearing music.... wonder if I should put that down to an overactive imagination, or sleep deprivation? Hope you resolve the income/job dilemma in the new year, in the meantime have a wonderful break over Christmas, and recharge your batteries.