Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boxing day chez Goodwin

As Sophie was spending Christmas day evening with her new boyfriend Mark and his family, we celebrated our Christmas the following day. Sophie wanted to eat outside, this being summer, so we moved the table and chairs to the least windy part of the yard. Being not-too-concerned about tradition, and allowing for Cass now being mainly a fish-eating vegetarian, I made bagels which we had with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

It looked so tasty the poodles wanted some too.

Afterwards, we had Summer Pudding (with boysenberries and strawberries) and home-made strawberry ice cream. Yum.


Fran├žoise said...

It looks yummy.
We had salmon and shrimps on Christmas eve, and chicken on Christmas day (because I don't like meat, but the kids do).

Valeri said...

Now that's the way to spend Boxing Day! And then a quick swim!

Nora said...

You'll have to check out my blog to see our weather but I can assure you we weren't sitting out under the trees!
Where's the recipe for summer pudding?
We went in to the lodge and had dinner with my mom. We had turkey and dressing, and potatoes and gravy, and Brussels sprouts and yams, and plum pudding with run sauce and the only thing I had to lift was my fork!

Pixie said...

home made strawberry icecream! please please can I have the recipe please??? we have a new icecream maker, but not a lot of success so far. I'm in your dying class at symposium, yay!! now, back to trying to make an entry for the exhibition. Merry christmas.