Sunday, December 28, 2008

Recipes with pictures

Summer Pudding couldn't be easier. Cut the crusts off enough day-old white bread to line a bowl, overlapping the slices and pressing them together to seal.

Heat around 2 cups of berries and enough castor sugar to sweeten for about 5 minutes until the juices starts flowing.

Pour into bread mould and fold pieces over the top, adding more pieces to entirely cover the berries. Cover with a plate or saucer. You're mean to weigh it down but I find the juice soaks through it just fine. Chill over night. Turn out onto a plate and serve with cream and ice cream. Delicious!

Strawberry ice cream (using an ice cream maker).

Chill the bowl as per instructions. I do mine overnight.

Mix 1 1/2 cups of milk with 1 cup cream in a saucepan and heat. Remove from heat before it boils. Beat 3 egg yolks, 1/4 cup sugar and a pinch of salt until mixed, then add a cup of the milk mixture. Blend, then add back to remaining milk mixture and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until it thickens slightly. Place in a jug or bowl and chill.

When ready, mash or puree (I prefer fruit lumps so just mash mine) 2 cups of fresh or frozen strawberries (or other fruit) and add to milk/egg mixture.

Pour into ice cream maker and process for 15-20 minutes, then put into container and freeze. This makes about 1 litre of lovely fruit ice cream that tastes nothing like commercial ones.


Nora said...

It does sound yummy. Thanks for adding the recipe.
Now I need to figure if castor sugar is granulated white sugar or.....
In that it is winter here I'm baking lemon pound cake with maraschino cherries in it.

Ross said...

Hi. Shirley's brother here. When I make summer pudding I just use ordinary sugar and I use a ratio of: the weight of sugar is one third the weight of summer fruit (I'm not a great one for precise recipes - I make an amount depending on the amount of berries available). Although summer pudding is generally made with berry fruits - raspberry, loganberry etc, I have had success with chopped up strawberries, and blueberries, and extended the berries with grated apple, which adds bulk when berries are in short supply and also adds pectin to help the pudding set. I usually have creme fraiche with it, although ordinary sour cream will do. It is also handy to save a little of the syrup separately and use it to pour over any bread that doesn't get soaked through. Regards, Ross

Sheila said...

The summer pudding looks yummy. And easy. No baking for the hot weather. Since it is winter here, we baked Christmas cookies. Lots of gingerbread.

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