Monday, January 21, 2008

What is it?

I have no self-control, so I won't make you wait till tomorrow for the answer. In case you're the same!

"I am not deigning to look at the camera, Human. You should be averting your eyes as you gaze upon my magnificence. Or at least, my magnificent bouffy hairdo.""

Cressy after a visit to Groomingdales (dontcha love that name?). I love the smell of the shampoo they use, and their shaved muzzles are soooooooooooooooooo soft and velvety. White poodles have black skin on their muzzles, but it's pink in most other places.


Anonymous said...

"Groomingdales" heh heh heh!!
Very pretty puppy :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanna grab that poodley snout and wuggle it!

*ahem* Honestly, poodles just DO that to me...

Judy said...

Oh my God Shirley, I just looked at your dog and thought it was my Barker! Is Cressy a standard? How old is she/he? Barker turned 5 in October and weighs about 75#. He is the sweetest doggie I have ever known.