Saturday, January 19, 2008

On the needles

This is actually more "off the hook"! This is my 3-D crocheted vessel.
I have finally finished the long rib-and-cable section of this cardigan. Now I'm starting to pick up the arm stitches to knit the sleeves the same way. This merino 4 ply knits up beautifully. But I got a bit bored with just knitting this pattern, so I started this:
Another cardigan! They're trendy now - for many years I considered cardies to be the pastel Bri-Nylon things my mother wore, and wouldn't have a bar of them. Now, I think they're great! And there are so many lovely modern patterns. This is an interesting lace design from Just One More Row (sorry, can't make a link work at present) - the curved bit is the right front, and this is brushed wool that I found at the op shop - 8 balls for $10. I blame Melody Johnson of Fibremania (have a look here - scroll down to December 15th) - this is another pattern I saw on Melody's blog and just had to have. I don't think she's made the pattern I'm using, but there are other great patterns on the site.

And this is a few agapanthus and gladioli from my garden.


Janet said...

love that red yarn! And your flowers are beautiful!

Stell said...

oh, what an amazing op shop find, envy here, not that I need any more yarn, but i do have a red cardigan thing, 3 at last count and 2 in pink!

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful flowers on a grey day here in the UK.

Lorraine said...

You are making me crazy for spring. It's sooooo cold here and flowers are a distant memory.

Love the cardi's! So Audrey Hepburn.