Monday, January 07, 2008

What I did over the holidays

Did you have to write stories on that topic when you were a youngster at school? I did. Anyway, here's some far more interesting stuff that I've been doing over the holidays.

I crocheted this throw for the settee. It's a combination of granny squares in multicoloured yarn bordered and joined together with an open lattice of eyelash-type yarn. The poodle came ready made, so is not included in my achievements. I've had an interest in 3-D knitting and crochet for some time (so not only quilted vessels!). This is a mug-sized crocheted container worked over a polyester cord. A work in progress. The wool is my own hand painted stuff.
And this is the drawing on Vliesofix that I've made of the "grid" that I'm thinking of putting over one of the monoprinted works. The fabric this is ironed onto is a multi-hued green. If it doesn't suit, I'll use a different backing. You can see that I've made start on cutting the sections out, but it's a big task - this is 16" x 18", so it's a fiddly job and not one I want to do much of at any time, particularly when it's hot upstairs.

I've also been experimenting with ice dyeing - photos and commentary to come in the next couple of days.


Joyce said...

The drawing that you are cutting looks very interesting. I've never heard of ice dyeing but it would be very appropriate over here. We had melting temps today but it is supposed to get colder so there will be icicles everywhere.

Janet said... are amazingly talented!!!