Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Several readers have asked me to review this book, so here goes.

I am not familiar with the author Susan Stein but I see that she has been quilting for many years, has a quilt store and takes classes. I bought the book because I liked the look of the artwork on the cover, and the fact that the book covered a wide range of techniques for art quilting.

Best things about it :-
: the techniques were well illustrated and amny showed four different ways of applying them.
: a very wide range is covered, some of which you don't find elsewhere such as making fabric beads, burned edge appliqué, distressed felt, rust dyeing, doing stuff with silk cocoons and the like.
: some very appealing discharge work and fabric collage

Worst things about it:-
:no real criticisms except that I am already familiar with many of the techniques

Overall appraisal : I'm still happy to have bought this book despite the above comment. It's easy to follow, has lots of ideas, and brings a host of things for art quilters together in one place. Many surface design books concentrate on putting your mark onto the fabric but not with what happens next. This book goes that little bit further.


Karen said...

So glad you posted this! This book is on its way to me as a gift from my mom. I have not done that much experimenting with different techniques so I am looking forward to working through it!

Purple Missus said...

Thanks for that Shirley - very helpful indeed.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I hadn't noticed before that Susan Stein was the author. I used to live near her store in MN - a fabulous place if you're ever in the area. They have such an interesting range of classes including many on dyeing and surface design. She's such a quiet person, and then all this wonderful stuff comes out in her quilts. I don't know about this one, but previous books have shown her knack at taking traditional quilt blocks/patterns and turning them more art quilty. This book looks like a real divergence for her - she's really come a long way in her journey.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Me again. I just remembered, she's also represented in the book Exploring Textile Arts.